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Engineering Jobs for Ex-Forces

Ex-Armed Forces Engineering Recruitment

The UK engineering sector needs you. Armed Forces engineers are some of the highest calibre candidates that we encounter, and therefore assets to any organisation – we owe it to you to find you the role you deserve. Each year, around almost 15,000 skilled and qualified engineers leave the armed forces. As experienced recruiters we have seen first-hand, how the military values & ethos of respect, integrity, service and excellence transfer into civilian engineering jobs. Our UK-wide coverage, from Cornwall to Scotland makes us well-positioned to work with ex-forces engineers anywhere in the country. If you want to learn more about transitioning your engineering skillset and experience from the UK Military to the food manufacturing and FMCG industry, we explain all below. To learn more about our experience in engineering, visit our Specialist Engineering Recruitment page.
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There is a huge demand for maintenance engineers in the UK. These roles are perfect for individuals with a background that includes electrical, mechanical, or multi-skilled positions. But that doesn’t mean we introduce you to the hiring manager and walk away. We know from experience that the only way we can find the right role is by understanding more than just salary expectations and shift patterns. We can work with you to finetune your CV, identify training needs aligned with the industry and coach you through the interview process, being as supportive as you need us to be.

Engineering roles across the UK

We have been placing engineers in roles across the UK since 2013. From Cornwall up to Scotland, we will always be transparent with you regarding the business and role you’re applying to. The breadth of skills, experience and unrivalled training makes ex-forces engineers some of the highest quality candidates that we recruit for the UK food manufacturing and FMCG sectors.

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